DJ Krotchbat


This is Krotchbat dropping a line to mention that i will be droppin' a compilation of unknown
(or known, depending on how much you know about the music underground!) bands/artists that sent a track in response to the ad i sent all over the entire web just asking anyone and everyone to send a track of whatever style, whatever category, noise, funk, powerviolence, fist rock, queer core, slowcore, digital-emo, and what have you to me and i will add it to the compilation.  I didn't care about sound quality, time length, format, etc.  Nor did i even give it a preview listen.  As soon as i had it, i put it on the compilation.  The only time i listened to the tracks was when i was recording them to disc.  And at that time, i wasn't paying much attention to matter anyways considering i was busy watching one of the greatest movies of all time,  Goodburger!

 The name of this comp series will be entitled,  The INVISIBLES Series and it will be an on going series.  When i am set to start INVISIBLES volume 2, i will post an email address for you to send your creations.  The e-address will be altogether different.

 The artists that appear on the comp will have no connection to Room101, (unless they choose to become a part of it) nor will any of their full lengths be put out by Room101.  So i can't give any information about such considering that i know nothing about the bands nor did i ask!  Just for a track , the track title and their moniker, THAT'S IT.  I don't even remember all of the band's names nor can i remember where i put the piece of paper with the info!  So this compilation maybe even more invisible than i thought.  More news to come later.......peace,  DJ Krotchbat

Artist Profile

File Name:DJ Krotchbat
Codename:Killer Kohji

Primary Specialty:Sound saboteur/sound collagist; oj samples;
theme to SHAFT

     Combining thrift shop records with broken pieces of everything from Biz markie The Cars; Godflesh.* Wilson Pickett to Johnny Cash, Billy Idol and Public Enemy, Krotchbat throws in some anti-playa noisemakers and no-sex toy electronic toys as well as a tsunami of treble to make their jeep's bass blow up in their face.

     Outraged by the stupidity created by the growing number of playas, swingers, hoops, non-profit prostitutes and paper gangstas, Krotchbat is on a mission to destroy the whole playa trend and murder the idea of adapting these bullshit ideals in order to be cool and get laid.
Since birth, Krotchbat has had 17 men come to his house and claim to be his 'real' father.  As well as going through  childhood and constantly being placed on a pedistool for having such a large number of relatives who fit under the playa, swinger, gangsta category, he snapped.

     Creating noise by smashing his toys and scratching on his fisher price record player to disrupt his mother and the flava of the week while they screwed.  He quickly realised that this was his prime weapon and decided that IT WAS TIME to eradicated all those who were mirror images of his mother.  MALE OR FEMALE!!!!!  "I have so many brothers, sisters and cousins and complexity to my family it makes Dunnville look like the Hogan Family". ???????

     To strengthen his attack, Krotchbat enlisted the help of 4 out of who knows who many brothers ("only Jah knows how many", says his aunt).  They are: DJ GroinGun, DJ Nadsmasher, DJ Pelvicsword and The Madd Buttler.  Thus forming the H.U.M.P Posse(Humans United to Murder Promiscuity or Haters of promiscuity United to Murder Playas &swingers)'

"if everybody just dry humped, there would be no diseases to contract.  NO kiddies/mistakes to abort.  That might seem harsh but it's the playas/swingers who are fucking any thing and everything and spreading diseases that are making things harsh.  There would be no emotional trauma or any other problems caused by playas hooking and booking; gunnin and runnin; ramming heads and then leaving the bed; doing the job and reachin for the doorknob; bumpin uglies with any ole shmoe and jumpin out the window , YA KNOW WHAT IíM SAYIN?


Discography: --split with Basement Kid ďIíll kill myself if Portugal doesnít winĒ 
--- debut full length, "HP SCANJET 6100C vs THE WORLD"
--- upcoming release, OJ the NAZI SLAYER, TONIGHT AT 8 ON THE DOUBLE U BEE"
--- future split with Basement Kid

Here is a sneak preview of song titles from DJ Krotchbat's upcoming
album entitled ď0.J. the nazi slayer tonight at 8 on the double u bee"

 1- without guts
 2- future revolutionaries outta Rose City bred to annihilate players and swingers
 3- mr. playa gots the hivies
 4- in full drunk pagan sound
 5- transforming from a playa into a chump who got played out
 6- EVERYDAY the battle continues
 7- Playas and swingers are spreadin STD's as you read this 
 8- felines of rock are purring and playing their air sitars 
 9- like the sexy slither of a snake 
10- ms. playa found out that she has chylamidia
11- land of a thousand signs (dedicated to toronto)
12- playa lost his genitals when he was hit by the flaming molotov
13- all but one revolutionary sold out
14- when i wonder if people will ever use their brains, i am soon let down
15- fangoria gets your father hot?
16- game over playa, U LOST!
17- i'll leave the juice runnin
18- the hermaphrodite schooled the swinger
19- lost in my pants
20- i wish i wuz lactose intolerant
21- u wash your face in my lip sink
22- HA HA, your car stereo is defective
23- playa blows her eardrums by cranking up the stereo while screwing in the back seat
24- she continues even though she's had a couple of miscarriages
25- they KICKed the bucket
26- no more oppression
27- judge Kochbat layin the down the law of gettin down
28- playa 1 ran out of continues
29- this world is too cold my teef hurt
30- that brother gettin married is a DEAD mother ... shut your mouth
31- playa hater working over time
32- juice E. fruit is gonna slice ya
33- bodevily boy devil gidevilrl girl devil
34- the only thing that gangsta shoots is blanks
35- thanx for the money attila the honey
36- the CIA will see that Iím not kidding
37- dad, do u remember when todd had u in a headlock and u cried ďIím hemophiliac q and you kicked him in the back?
38- omega red is sleeping in my bed
39- faux fur
40- adonis 4 ever
41- don't worry jesse, i got into hamburger college, maybe i'll be your MCboss
42- this underground is for music moles not media miners
43- born into evil
44- the truth hurts doesnít it?
45- u have a good head on your vegan shoulders
46- this is to make up for all of the shitty bands in the world (and believe me, there are a lot of them)
47- symphony of playa destruction
48- no Vember to zero to one
50- playas goin to court for unpaid child support